7th Grade Class Notes

Voice Change Reading

Voice Change Reading Questions

Vocal Injury Worksheet COMPLETED

Vocal Health Study Guide (Powerpoint)

Vocal Health StudyGuide (PDF – may be easier to view from mobile device)


Special Performance

Christmas Pep Rally on Wednesday, December 20!  This is volunteer-only.  Students who signed up should wear a Christmas shirt, jeans, and close-toed shoes.

7th grade Chorus students who signed up to perform include:


Antompietri, Tesia
Blincoe, Mia
Borden, Ellie
Byrdy, Hannah
Dockal, Chayden
Freeman, Bailey
French, Isabella
Griffin, Madison
Hammett, Brooke
Jiang, Emily
Jones, Elena
Jones, Lea
Kirkland, Hannah
Mantlow, Brooke
Mobley, Jane
Mobley, Jordan
Mouna, Mariem
Patel, Diya
Patel, Meera
Sanjish, Hira
Smith, Abbie
Smith, Allie
Story, Morgan
Stribling, Audrey
Valerius, Maleah
Watson, Sarah
Whighams, Joy

Please use this link this link to study words to the songs we’ll be singing!